The Sunny Side plates are made from 100% recycled plastic lids that were originally destined for landfill. Actually, each plate is made from about 90 of these yellow, certified food safe lids to be exact. Unlike most plastic products, each one of these plates is lovingly handmade by Precious Plastics Melbourne, using a process called compression moulding. Shredded lids are placed into a heated mould, and compressed, so the material can contact all areas of the mould. This process takes just under an hour for each plate. They are then individually trimmed and cleaned in my studio. As is the case with most handmade products, you may notice some plates have small imperfections. Slight discolourations and areas where the plastic has not reached the edges of the mould are common, but do not affect the functionality of the product. Each plate is checked thoroughly before it goes to sale, but if you aren't satisfied with the condition of yours, I will be happy to recycle it again, and exchange it for another. These plates are designed to be hardy and easy to care for, and have been rigourously road-tested in my home where they are a favourite of my two-year old son. To wash, simply rinse with warm water. Do not use water that is too hot, and avoid using in dishwashers and microwaves as this may warp the plastic. Purchasing a set of Sunny Side plates not only helps to close the loop on plastic production, but 10% of each sale will go directly to the Boomerang Alliance, campaigning for Australian plastic-free practices and legislation.

Sunny Side Plate - Set of Four