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I am a Perth-born, Melbourne based maker known mostly for my corrugated ceramic planters, vases and tableware. Recently I have also starting making things with steel and recycled plastic that also draw on this signature form. 

I am self-taught and my process of making every piece myself takes time. Having worked as a production ceramicist for the past three years, I am currently in the process of downsizing this part of my business to focus more on small batch, one of a kind pieces that will be available exclusively through my website soon.


I like to make functional, sculptural pieces inspired by industrial architectural forms. My ceramic practice mainly uses the method of slipcasting because of its capability to achieve strong lines and more complex forms. For both my sculptural and functional pieces, I have developed a range of stackable, interchangeable plaster moulds that are like building blocks and can be used to create multiple configurations in a modular fashion.


If you are interested in commissioning some work or would like to know if something is available, send me an email

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